There are a multitude of reasons why someone might decide to come and see a counsellor or therapist and often it  can be prompted by a particular life event or a change in life circumstances. Therapy offers the opportunity to talk to someone who is not directly involved in your life but who is open to engage with you to help you explore your past and present circumstances and consider how you would like to move forward.

I believe that every person comes to therapy with their own unique life experience and that therapy needs to be a creative and flexible process to support each person in their own way. In therapy one of the aims is to consider and explore different aspects of life, including how our past informs the present as well as the different relationships we form in life. This can help to create some clarity and awareness of your life experience and have a positive effect on  all areas of your life  by offering the possibility of change.

I believe that one of the most important aspects of good therapy is the therapeutic relationship. This forms a core part of my approach to therapy and I feel it should be a collaborative process.